Wednesday, August 31, 2011

crack in the egg

Living proof my grip in my right hand sucks, that being the shooting pain in my right ring finger as it was probably taking way more weight than it should have been. Thankfully i've done deadlifts and db rows this week already. Didn't do DB Snatches today, but I'll try and make up for em at some point. Got chinups in too, so I'm happy. I hit almost everything that mattered. Fuck, and i was eight reps into the last set of shrugs too. Ah well...onward and upward:

  • Press: 90/100/115x9
  • A1. Chinup: 5x5
  • A2. DB NG Shoulder: 5x5 55
  • A3. Front Raise: 5x5 35
  • B1. Floor Press 4x10 60
  • B2. Power Shrug: 3x10/1x8 205
  • C1. EZ Curl: 4x10 80
  • C2. EZ French: 4x10 50

Really diggin the compound sets, banged through 8 stations in about 40 minutes, that's pretty awesome. Part of me says i should do more complimentary exercises, part of me says, eh, fuck it and just have fun with it. Read a great interview with Steve Pulcinella of Iron Sports the other day, i like his philosophy. In my old age, the gym isn't war anymore, it's a party...a party with big fuckin weights! Workout track o'the morn: Paradox - Solitary Experiments.