Sunday, August 7, 2011


...So, i've decided to take my work underground. Or at least deload for a week to catch up on some sleep and see if I make any gains at all while i'm in a recovery week. I'm always nervous about this sort of thing because usually i don't make any gains and at the end of the week I'm not pulling PRs when i get back into the gym or anything, i just feel sluggish, weak, lazy, and not very re-energized at all. But hey, like i said, i've learned some interesting things, maybe just maybe i've hit it hard enough to actually benefit from some downtime. If nothing else, here's hoping i get some damn sleep:

  • Box Squat: 3x5 145
  • DB Row: 1x20 50
  • Bench: 4x8 125

Oh yeah, it was a proper deload for sure. Now to eat food, sleep, and just do stuff. Workout track o'the PM: Home - Lost Witness.