Friday, August 19, 2011

Give these people air!

After a week of surf, it's back to Circuit Training and finally capped a month of grueling Push Circuit 1 with a weight increase in the majority of exercises, not without paying the price! (Ahhnold) Give these people air! I was almost flat on my ass after methodically and systematically knocking out all sets, moving from one to the next with very little rest time. I had to walk around the block to get oxygen flowing to my head again, and yes I breathe a lot during the workout.

The breakdowns, I must add, which are 3 insanely slow reps after a ten second break, will get you to muscle failure or you're fucking doing it wrong! Through half way the workout I am pretty fresh still, but the latter half practically lays me flat out especially after bumping up 5-10 lbs on a few of the exercises. I actually need to buy quite a bit more weight for the legs but using dumbbells for the entire thing actually gives me quite a pumped sensation in my forearms! They have developed quite a lot over the past month, which is an added boost.

The Push Circuit 1 month in review:
  • Bicep Curl 30 30 30 35
  • Squat 30 30 30+ 40
  • Single Arm Bent Over Tri Extension 20 20 20 25!
  • V-Press Bicep Curl 25 25 25 25 <------Best/Worst/Best exercise of the month
  • breakdown
  • Single Leg Squat 30 30 35 40
  • breakdown
  • Overhead Tricep Extension 30+ 35 35+ 40
  • breakdown
  • Hammer Curls 30 30 30 30
  • breakdown
  • Heel Squat 35 35 40 40
  • breakdown
  • Push Ups 8 11 12 12
  • breakdown
After all the breakdowns I'm having a physical breakdown not to mention MENTAL breakdown! On to completing Circuit 2 for the month and capitulating with with the 3rd and final circuit, and after that finally moving on to Push Circuit.

The Google spreadsheet.

Workout soundtrack: