Thursday, August 18, 2011

over my head

I'm seriously thinking about turning to i'm just kidding, i'll probably just start taking CLA and some fish oil, see what that does. I haven't been on fish oil for a while, who knows? And honestly the last time i think i was on anything like CLA was when i was taking flameout years ago, so who knows? Yeah yeah, whole food, don't need supplements blah blah go the fuck away before i skullfuck you with a jackhammer. Oh yeah, it's that kind of morning:

  • Trap Hold: 4x30s 155
  • False EZ Rev: 4x10 55
  • Supro: 4x10 25
  • EZ Rev: 4x10 35
  • DB Spider: 4x20 8
  • Plate Flex: 4x10 10

Woke up...heh "woke up"...this morning feeling and looking a little soft, not sure what the deal is, other than i've been shirking my eating this week. Can't believe it's already thursday, need to rope it back in methinks. Workout track o'the morn: The Sea and The Silence, Part 1.