Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was ab ripper, back up to 40 on the mason twist, and kenpo. My back kick is lamentable, need to work on that, but the rest are alright. Strangely enough, its easier to do a solid 4 kick combo than it is to do 1 proper back kick. ? meh? I know it's just an exercise video, but form is important, damnit! What if I got mugged and I got the chance to actually hit someone for real! It would suck if I had trained my muscles to do wussy back kicks...

Doing salsa tonight, that'll be fun. My biggest issue in partner dancing is that I have a bad habit of trying to lead if my partner isn't ... enough. Enough what? Forceful, present... in charge? Who knows. Maybe I should sign up to do the guy part next time.

2 inches from being able to do full splits. >_< Torturous.

Work out music was venetian snares.