Monday, August 15, 2011

in my pocket was sand

The couple extra hours of sleep this morning really helped, i'm not sure if that's what got me through this session, but whatev. I swear to god i'm going to wreck CorpoGym with TBar Rows one of these days, but fuck man...gotta do em, Gotta Do Em!! Pullups make me feel like i'm actually not a fat slob anymore. I must do more of these things:

  • Pullup: 5x5
  • TRX High Pull: 4x20
  • Seated Row: 4x8 170
  • Kneeling TC: 5x20 200
  • Bent Lateral: 4x8 55
  • DB Row: 1x20 75
  • TBar Row: 5x5 150
  • High Pull: 5x5 135

Dropped the weight on high pulls again to screw in the technique a bit more, i'm trying to figure those out still. I need to figure out how to keep my right side from undercompensating, it's weird, my left shoulder is the one that's all wrecked and yet i feel like i've got better RoM on that side. Eh well. Workout track o'the EPM: Fearbomb - Mangadrive.