Thursday, August 4, 2011


Trending downward a bit, not in numbers, but this is the second day in a row i've had to push stations. Friday's going to be beefy. I'm going to blame not hitting my calorie goals. Been missing on some days by as much as 1000, and definitely feeling it. Tonight was not a total loss though, even though i'm pretty stapled on my bench i think. I probably need to take a cycle and JUST bench. ugh:

  • Bench Press: 6x4 185
  • Bent Lateral: 5x5 55
  • DB Decline: 5x6 60
  • Seated Row: 5x6 160
  • DB Back Raise: 5x6 40

Here's hoping i sleep. I think i will take a very cold shower tonight too. Not because i haven't gotten laid in a while and won't be but because my skin is on fire. Workout track of the evening: Infinity In Your Hands - DJ Darkzone.