Saturday, August 20, 2011

a new form

I like being able to walk out of the gym and just feel like it was a great training session. Having tons of good new training music makes it even better. Sadly no one's uploaded Sew My Eyes to youtube yet, so you'll have to go to Vampire Freaks and download the compilation for yourself, it being free and all. Seriously, Sew My Eyes - Terrorkode. Pump that shit into year head next time you lift and tell me you don't pull a PR. I meant to try and get two good lifts in today, but you know, hangin out with the crew last night was a totally worth it trade off and gave me an excuse to do some serious supersetting. Felt my right arm pop a little funny, admittedly my elbow's been bugging me for a while now. Been trying to ignore it or at least mitigate by tightening up my form, mainly on tricep stuff, but moving back to pure strength a month early i think'll give me a good chance to tighten up and give my poor upper body a rest, at least of sorts:

  • A1. Bench Press: 5x5 165
  • A2. Pullup: 5x5
  • B1. DB Incline: 3x8 60
  • B2. TBar Row: 3x8 135
  • C1. DB Neutral Inc: 3x8 60
  • C2. Bent Lateral: 3x8 55
  • DB Decline: 3x8 55
  • DB Row: 1x15 80
  • D1. TRX Back Row: 4x20
  • D2. TRX Chest Press: 4x20

Gah, i totally could've hit the full 20 on the DB Rows if i hadn't pussed out when my elbow started popping. I'm really looking forward to when i get old enough to stop thinking that potentially crippling myself for reps is an acceptable choice. Haha i'm totally exaggerating, it hurt, but not debilitating, i really feel like i could've hit those last 5. Just didn't. This explains so many things. Workout track o'the PM: Adrenaline - Terrolokaust. CAST OFF THE PERSON YOU'VE BECOME.