Saturday, August 13, 2011

turned the third eye blind

I'm a bit really tired and probably a bit more relaxed than i want to be (not alcohol induced, how i wish), so i think i'm just going to ramble for a bit. Was going to talk a bit about a revelation i had about chicks today, but that's for my livejournal (no no i kid, i don't have an LJ anymore). So let's start with another weird gym conversation that yes, actually happened, and does little to dissuade the fact that i think i'm more attractive to dudes than chicks...which But not immediately beneficial.

Gym Guy: Hey so, i've been watching you the last couple months...
Me (Mentally): Wow, ok, that's really uncomfortable, thanks...
GG: ...and i gotta ask...well...and i won't tell anyone...
Me (Out loud): Uh, yeah man? What's up?
GG (Looks around): are you on?
Me (Mentally): What program? What protein powder? Ohhh......
Me (Out loud): Food...Protein Powder...
GG: no seriously man...
Me (OL): Food...Protein Powder...Creatine?
GG: no man i know...juice man...
Me (OL): Food...Protein Powder...Creatine...Sleep...Postworkout Mix?
GG: Dude, i WON'T tell anyone...seriously
Me (OL): Ohh, look at the time, man i gotta go for my walk, great talking tho!
GG: yeah sure, whatever dude.

Ok so yeah, ive gotten bigger since June, but not like...oh my god you must be juicing bigger. But then, was at CorpoGym, so who knows? Maybe working for eHarmony does weird things to your perception of...humans? Nah i dunno, for all i know this dude might work for Yahoo or something. No, he doesn't work for Riot, i know all the Rioters that go to the gym. Call it my competitive nature:
  • Kneeling Supinated Pull: 5x20 200
  • EZ Curl: 4x8 75
  • High Hammer: 4x8 35
  • Band Curl: 4x20
  • Cable Curl: 4x10 140
  • A1: TRX Curl: 5x15
  • A2: High Hammer: 5x15 20
Redid the light high hammers at the end because the heavy ones felt a little weird. Having slept, this workout felt way better than last time i did it, so it felt like a good bookend. I'm doing some experimenting with grouping training sessions over the next week, so this should be interesting. Workout track o'the PM: Tao Of The Machine - BT feat The Roots