Monday, August 1, 2011

Fresh Meat on the Block

Yeah I am the new kid, name's Jonas. I'm a technical artist, rigger, gamedev, vfx whatchamacallit. I love games and working on them lately has been a hell of a lot of fun and challenging. Also, along with coding and creating and all things cyber, I had started sculpting and redefining my corporeal existence before the summer hit and now things are in full swing again.

Muscle and endurance had started fading and with it crept up complications I knew were just going to get worse if I let it go any longer. Mainly I was feeling back pain as a result of my abs and lower back getting weak, a general lack of energy, getting sick more often, not to mention I was getting fatter by the minute, or so it seemed! That stuff trickles down into every part of my being making it difficult to focus on my work and all kinds of other side effects.

Fast forward to today and the dent I have made in those fatty deposits is quite recognizable, at least to me. Progress pictures will have to be taken, ugh. I've gone back to surfing after taking a year long hiatus also, but more on that later. So I lift, surf, and get out on hikes whenever I can. I like full body workouts with little rest in between sets and breakdown sets to push the muscles beyond the point of fatigue.

Here's my regimen to get ya all caught up to speed the latest being the 3rd set of Push Circuit 1:

Google Doc

The dates are all wrong, but I wasn't planning on sharing with other people--till now! I may or may not fix that soon. You can see the general idea. There are different circuits for each month 1-3 and I am on month 2, dragging it out a little because there's good surfing weeks interspersed among lifting weeks when there's down time in the ocean swell.

This is circuit training which is awesome because it targets the muscle groups while at the same time getting a total body workout and what's called the cardio effect when working lower body especially and because you have little breaks in between sets. The breakdown sets (not shown) are where it gets super challenging but if you dig in and flex the weight throughout the whole rep extremely slow then results are unbelievably fast. The other good thing about this kind of training is you don't need a lot of equipment. More on what the workout actually entails in future posts.

Thanks to Seth for inviting me to post. I have lots to offer in how to have a happy balance between work and working out. Stay tuned! I will offer pics and more to spice things up.

Depeche Mode "Dream On" - Today's workout tune.