Monday, August 29, 2011


Back in LA, back into the gym. Take a few days to get back on schedule and get all this vacation water off and i'll be good. You know i've hit this point now where i think i'm slightly less paranoid about a week's worth of laxity, or maybe it's just a side effect of being consistent over the last few months and getting myself conditioned to the point where i can handle it that sorta thing. As long as i don't do it for extended periods of time, eh? I don't see this happening this time, seeing as how I'm really just craving chicken and rice right now, so let's do that:

  • Bench Press: 125/140/160x13
  • Lat Raise: 5x5 35
  • DB Incline: 5x5 65
  • DB Neutral Decline: 4x10 50
  • A1. Kneeling Neutral Grip: 4x20 200
  • A2. Cable Curl: 4x10 120
  • A3. Rope Extension: 4x10 130

Attention equipment manufacturers: Assisted chinup and dip machines should ALWAYS have a way to disable the training platform, sheesh...IT IS NOT OPTIONAL. I am not doing bench dips again. Workout track o'the PM: Plasticity - Front Line Assembly (the inside synth riff at ~5:01 is the aural equivalent of seizure causing strobes).