Thursday, August 18, 2011

set our world apart

Yeah it's time for food now. Just a little spike day before the weekend, you know since my performance tonight was totally in the toilet. But man, i found a new exercise i need to do, one arm dumbbell over head presses unsupported! That's some beefy shit, here's hoping i don't drop a dumbbell on myself next time, that fucking hurt. Almost shouldn't post this, tiny bit embarrassing, but whatever, here you go, piper:

  • Press: 5x5 115
  • DB Push Press: 5x5 65
  • A1. Lat Raise: 5x10 25
  • A2. Front Raise: 5x10 25
  • DB Uni Push Press: 1x5 70
  • Clean: 5x5 135

I'm not accounting for the fact that i'm loading differently, i.e., used to be when i did DB Shoulder work, it wasn't after a bunch of other shoulder work so i wasn't quite as smoked. Seriously, i couldn't even press the bell for the second set of DB Unis. But i like the movement, going to tighten up the numbers and work it into my routine. Workout track o'the PM: No Way Back - Alien Vampires.