Wednesday, August 17, 2011

doesn't hurt me

Yeah the 2 hours of sleep thing is interesting, i think that may be my next bit of physiology geekery. Destroying sleep dogma (for myself, everything is for myself, i don't recommend anyone do the things i'm doing unless you want to just try them for the hell of it, in which case, good results/bad results, it's all on you, i make no claim or disclaim). I don't feel near as tired as i should, it's weird, i go through most of the night awake, then about 4 i think, man i'm awake, i can do this. Tthat all changes by about 6:30, wherein i drop off till about 8:30, then somehow awake refreshed (enough to go workout in the morning). We'll keep that pattern going until sleep i guess:

  • Box Squat: 5x5 245
  • Front Squat: 5x5 135
  • BB Split: 4x8 115
  • DB Curl Squat: 4x8 45
  • GHR: 4x8

Feel decent, look decent, time for good food, fine wine, and sleeping with beautiful women, and/or fighting with them. Workout track o'the morn: Merciless Vain Reign - Amduscia.