Tuesday, August 2, 2011

stop running

I'm noticing that i tend to wake up slower nowadays, but by the time i do wake up i'm fairly ready to go. Workout numbers up again, i'm liking this. The real test will be if my squat numbers can go up tonight, I'm fairly certain that can happen. At some point I do need to go back and work on my powerlifting stance squats, i feel like I'm losing a bit of strength on those. Let's get through the next 4 months first and then we'll focus on that come January. 5/3/1 seems like a good time to work in box squats and the like:

  • A1. Lat Raise: 5x5 35
  • A2. Front Raise: 5x5 40
  • B1. Cable Curl: 5x5 150
  • B2. Stiff Pushdown: 5x5 150
  • C1. OH Band Curl: 5x20
  • C2. OH Band Tri XPull: 5x20
  • D1. DB Supros: 5x10 20
  • D2. DB Spiders: 5x10 8

Band work FUCKING HURTS. Woweewowow...I mean yeah you get a decent pump, i think even better than on some of the DB work, but sweet jeebus. Yeah i need to do way more band work. Thinking i might buy my own set of chains too. We'll see how long i can get away with using those at CorpoGym...Workout track o' the morn: Armageddon - Level 2.0.