Friday, August 19, 2011

tear the heart

Finally to the point where i think the body has said, yeah ok enough of this high-rep pseudo-isolation bullshit. It's not that it's getting harder or i'm not making progress...i dunno, it's just something you feel you know? Body says, hey i need to do lots of heavy squats and deadlifts and we ain't doin that right now. And you know what body? I agree, we need to do lots of heavy squats and deadlifts. So i'm going to put myself through hell weekend today and tomorrow, then kick off 5/3/1 a bit earlier than planned, starting Sunday. Swoit:

  • EZ French: 5x10 55
  • NG Floor Press: 4x10 60
  • Rope X: 4x10 140
  • A1. OHX 4x10 70
  • A2. TRX Tri: 4x10
  • OH Band Tri: 4x10

It's weird, looking in the mirror just after this last week, i feel like all my progress has disappeared. Oh well, so much for whatever the fuck i've been trying to do over the last 2.5 months. Back to being bull strong and looking like a barrell i guess. Workout track o'the morn: Positive Energy - MFG.