Thursday, August 18, 2011

You May Be Blue

Now for a not so typical hard coded post. What? What makes this guy so mellow! Don't worry, I'll have you back to the regularly scheduled mayhem asap.

This past week was epic surf. Returning from a long weekend of Malibu surf and Santa Barbara mountain biking has got me pumped! I made a little vignette of the spot I went to.

Staircases is a secluded spot. The location info is pretty out there for anyone to see but it's not terribly easy to find when you're driving down the road. It's gotta be my favorite place to hit up if things look crowded everywhere else.

On this day surf was really good here with 3+ foot waves and crappy everywhere else. Weather was great with a slight breeze and overcast which is nice because the sun isn't beating down and making it hot with the wetsuit on. I was in seventh heaven especially when I knew everyone else at other spots were just sitting in a lineup while I go wave after wave on my Tyler noserider.

I was really on my game and commanded my own swath of beach and pushed the short boarders to the side. That's a first ever! Great week in personal surfing history that's for sure.

Street View