Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome To Your Doom

Last week's wrap up:

Day 1 - Runyon Canyon Hike
Day 2 - Push Circuit 1
Day 3 - Morning Surf Sesh'
Day 4 - Push Circuit 2
Day 5 - Push Circuit 3
2 Days Rest!

I wish there was more to report on the surfing side but it is definitely an off week. Weak wind swell from the South is not making any fun waves. Doesn't really matter right now anyway because I have to stick close to home for the job search right now, and let me tell you that is a full time job in itself right now.

Well, looks like I spoke too soon. Haven't checked in a few days and instantly we have waves. My buddy just hit me up and looks like tomorrow morn' dawn patrol - well maybe not that early. Hopefully, I'll have some pics to share. Looks like a no workout week ahead. Yeeew!

It was Push Circuit week and I definitely put up increased numbers and breakdown reps. I need to buy heavier weights seriously! Feels good! I started correcting dates and putting in the breakdown sets so people can get a better idea of what the workout is like. I've seen changes happen in a few short days and my wife is doing it too and it's making such an impact on both of our self-esteem it's unbelievable! Get more about what this circuit training is from looking at my previous post, also more to come.
I made sure to get some LoL time in with some fellow dev artists and vfx dudes so that was awesome too! We need to start a guild or something soon so we can start raking in the experience and crushing noobs! --Nowthat I can confidently say i'm not a noob anymore. Nothing like trial by fire.

Can't wait to throw down on some more surf, circuit, Runyon, LoL madness this week! Let's get this party started!

Featured post-workout beverage: Zero Carb Isopure

random workout track: Ozzy Osbourne – Paranoid - Live with Randy Rhoads