Sunday, August 21, 2011


The other day I felt like vomiting all day; when I finally did, all that came up was blood. I wasn't sick or anything, but it was definitely uncomfortable enough to distract me from work. Out of irritated boredom I ended up exercising for an hour, and it went away. That was enough to convince me, it's time to start up again, or die!!!

I'm on day 2 of P90x.

Was managing an average of 20 pushups per set in the first half hour, and 15 in the second.
Doing strait legged pole overheads instead of pullups... haven't managed one yet, but I got halfway up about 10 times per set.

Today was plyometrics, and I kept up just fine. Seems I didn't lose as much strength/endurance as I was afraid I had in the few months I've been off. Sweet.

Starting a stretching regiment for the splits as well... I'm inches away from side to side, and still pretty far off on front back. I woke up lincoln today and asked if he's just push me down the rest of the way, but he told me that you shouldn't do that when you're as close as I am. Damn.... no easy way out.

2 goals for poledancing are:
- walk upside down on ceiling
-monkey grip to martini drop