Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Day two of brain hacking is going surprisingly well, now i think i just need to focus on the physical.  I think there's something to be said for actively directing your body to do things, you know, you start by telling yourself, yes i'm going to do this, then ok now you HAVE to do this, then internalizing it.  I think it might be akin to feeling the muscles as some bodybuilders call it, but yeah, i think it's just the idea of actively putting your mind/mental self into your body/muscles, as weird as that sounds, but you know, i get the distinct impression people dont' do it.

I came to a realization this morning that there is a difference between pushing through actual physical distress and...let's just call it overall discomfort?  For example, i woke up this morning feeling kinda like shit, but not really in pain, just a little tired, a little sick at the stomach from bad sleep and work, and overall eating pattern changeup, but you know, i think that's just the sorta thing you don't even think about pushing through, you just do it.  Now if i had woken up puking organs up, that's different but extremes are...well you know.  Seriously, why do i even have to qualify shit like that anymore:

  • Deadlift: 205/235/265x9
  • GHR: 5x6
  • Chinup: 5x5 10 
  • Seated Row: 4x10 140
  • Uni Shldr Press: 4x10/4x12 40
  • DB Row: 4x10 70

Nagrand i think is my favorite WoW zone of pretty much all time, granted i haven't been to Northrend yet, so who knows?  I like big open nature spaces like that, virtual or otherwise.  It takes me back to my childhood, growing up hiking the Ozarks and the like.  I really miss getting into the outdoors, i haven't been camping in way too long.  It's funny, sometimes when i'm playing WoW, i'll setup a camp fire and just go hunting, etc.  It's stupid i know, and really i should just get out more.  Working on it...working on it.

Today's TrainingTune: 1200 - Mushroomhead.