Friday, September 30, 2011

antagonistic to the natural state

Okay, maybe those aren't actually his ears, maybe Argus just has really awesome hair.  Or maybe he has a sever ear hair problem, he is pretty old after all.  Whatever, i think he's still slightly higher in esteem than Asura, nobility is cool and all, but man...have some fucking fun.

The more higher-rep "heavy" sets i do, the more the idea of how full-body lifts provide a "cardio-ish" element gets driven home.  Sure, 265 isn't really that impressive of a squat number, but for me here and now it was fairly solid.  Front squats were a bit weird, i sorta feel like i need to hit more weight on those, ditto Romanian Deadlifts.  Now that my right hand grip is getting better I feel like i can probably hold quite a bit more, so i should probably do this.  

I'm not having weird food dreams yet/again, nor am i having incredibly vivid sex dreams, so I imagine i'm keeping my calories at a fairly normal-ish level.  It is funny how much of a different effect on my sleep walking has vs martial arts.  More incentive to make sure I get up at the right time.  There are other reasons, i won't lie, i think it's maybe my old age again, but you know...the timeslice encompassing the two-ish hours in the morning where i train, go for a walk, then take a shower is my favorite thing in the world right now.  Simplicity, it's awesome:

  • Squat: 205/235/265x10
  • Front Squat: 5x5 165
  • Romanian: 5x5 165
  • Barbell Split: 4x8 95
  • DB Back Raise: 4x8 50
  • Wide Grip EZ Curl: 3x12 45
  • EZ Reverse Curl: 3x12 35

I really want to rant about game "journalism" right now, but you know, it's Friday, I'm going to bunker tonight, i'm going to eat good cheese for lunch, and we just made an offer to an awesome Sr Technical Artist.  I'm happy right now.

Today's TrainingTune: Stigmata - C-Lekktor.