Saturday, October 1, 2011

take your time

Annie sent me this yesterday, thought i'd share.

Funny and true, although i have to admit i still don't look quite as good as the dude on the bottom.  He looks big and somewhat lean-ish.  By lean i don't mean shredded, i just mean probably doesn't have too much extra fat, something more like a Derek Poundstone vs a Marius Pudzianowski sorta thing tho.  Me i'm still working off a a bit of a spare, here's hoping carbnite and working my walks back into training help with that.  

Thinking ahead to how i'm going to manage everything when i start doing capoeira and krav on a regular basis next week, here's hoping that Brainhack will help mitigate a bit.  I'm thinking that if i can lift "heavy" on 6-ish hours of not great sleep, maybe if i can work up to 8 hours of decent sleep I'll be able to keep everything in line.  I will admit that getting a solid 10 hours last night was awesome, made this morning's training session freakin amazing.  Today was all about just going into the gym and playing, seriously, i felt like a kid at the playground.  That to me is how you know you're doing it right, when it's just fun and you're happy to be training.  And trust me, i know, i've been through periods where going to the gym felt like a chore and i was doing it because "i had to" in pursuit of some far off goal that was so out of touch with any sort of reality it was just pointless.  Silly mistake to make, but that's what you do when you're young and horny i suppose.  Anyway:

  • Bench: 175/195/215x8
  • DB Bench: 5x5 75
  • Pendlay Bent Lateral: 5x5 55
  • Dip: 4x8
  • Neutral Pulldown: 4x8 130x2/140x2
  • Cable Curl: 3x12 140
  • Rope Extension: 3x12 150
  • Cable Hammer: 3x12 80x2/90
  • Pushdown: 3x12 150

Glitch is out of beta, which means i should probably start playing again.  It's definitely interesting, tho i will admit the trailers make it look much cooler than my experience with it, but then i didn't really actually play it that much.  i didn't actually find the world that compelling to spend time in, and it's not that i'm against 2d MMOs, i mean i played the hell out of Maple Story, i think it was just not knowing how to really progress?  I didn't feel like the quests really drove you to new areas, and it wasn't ever indicated whether or not that was essential to progression, so it was hard to tell.  The one thing i think Glitch gets REALLY right is the ability to skill up offline.  Seriously, if other MMOs did that, it'd be Crack2.0.  Dunno, i'll give it a spin tonight and see what happens, maybe i was just thinking about it wrong last time i played.

Today's TrainingTune: Last Dance - Noisuf-X.