Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A little water in the morning does go a long way.  I'm not a fan of carrying my water bottle around the gym with me, so it kinda irks me if the gym doesn't have a water fountain readily accessible (look, i'm not a total douche, i mean i'm not gonna go interrupt the spin class to get a drink), but hey, i can rawdog it, as long as the tap is clean i'll use my hands.  Today's quest: Bed Bath and Beyond to retrieve a Britta, since god does knows i don't trust the tap in that dump i call an apartment.

I've come to the conclusion that i just wake up bad.  There's this period between when i open my eyes and am actually AWAKE.  And i gotta tell you, it fucking sucks.  Like, hard.  I mean it's great when i actually am awake, especially if it was like last night wherein i actually went to be at a reasonable hour.  That made me happy.  So, i dunno.  Maybe i just need to get onto a regular sleep pattern (duh).  Dear christ i bitch about sleep alot.

This happened while i was squatting today, i got some funny looks in the gym:

...and sadly, another pair of pants falls to my life in the gym:(  I'm actually about 3 pairs in the hole now, need to make an athletic store run next paycheck and re-stock me thinks:

  • Squat:200/230/260x9
  • Front Squat:5x5 185
  • Romanian:5x5 185
  • DB Back Raise:4x8 55
  • A1. Widegrip EZ Curl:3x12 55
  • A2. EZ Reverse Curl:3x12 45
  • B1. Hi Cable Curl:3x12R/16L 35
  • B2. DB Floor Press:3x12 50

So Rage...it's sitting on my hard drive right now and i'm probably not going to get to play it till FRIDAY.  Goddammit, see this is really why i make a shitty game developer, because i'd rather train than play games.  Ah well, i guess that'll make my weekend pretty sweet?  Oh mother fuck, i have a Dominion launch party Friday, which means i won't be playing it till SATURDAY!!!  Yeah my life sucks.  I did spend a considerable amount of time with Glitch last night, and I gotta say i dig it.  I can see how it wouldn't appeal to everyone, and i'm not sure what the long-term is going to be, but I'll definitely stick around and see how it goes.  I don't think i've seen another game that's improved so much since beta.  Good shit.

Today's TrainingTune: Orkan - Centhron.