Tuesday, October 25, 2011

formless beasts

        Man, this whole autumn in socal thing i gotta say is bummin me out just a little bit.  All of a sudden I'm back in Seattle with the gray and the nasty and the kinda cold and stuff:(  The funny thing too is it changed like in a day, how bizarre, how bizarre!  Maybe i can blame my recent stiffness on the change in the weather?  Nah i'm going to instead blame it on my lack of stretching and prehab/mobility work.  I figure i'd be getting more of that from martial arts classes but it's looking like i need to get a bit more serious about working it into everyday training.  That means i'm going to have to start getting up even earlier, sweet jeebus.

        I was thinking about deloads again the other day and i the concept of rest days vs rest periods and all taht, i didn't actually come up with anything other than that life makes you take deloads and rest periods anyway, i think.  I'm still wondering what the gym situation is going to be like in china, i suppose maybe i'll be doing dumbbell and machine work for a week?  If i'm lucky?

        I think my body is trying to kill me.  I felt really shitty when i woke up, felt great by the time i got to the gym, felt crushed into the floor by the time i left.  Like a pancake.  With syrup.

        I can see 405 from here.  It's funny, i remember when i was a young lad i used to be scared of numbers, altho that may have had to do more with my hate of math (at the time, i don't really hate math anymore) than my fear of not being able to move a certain weight.  Case in point, i'm deadlifting 300 this week, but you know, i don't really even consider that a big number (cuz it's not), a milestone, or anything, it's just another stop along the way.  That's probably a good sign:
  • Squat: 235/265/295x7
  • Front Squat: 5x5 195
  • RDL: 5x5 205
  • BB Split: 4x8 105
  • Back Raise: 4x8 65
  • Wide Curl: 3x12 65
  • Reverse Curl: 3x12 45
  • Hi Cable Curl: 3x12 50
  • DB Floor: 3x12 55
        Gah those squats were a pain, you know, overall this is a really fun lower body split in general.  If you can get through the first 5 stations, you're pretty much gold, but man...getting through those first 5 stations some mornings is like walking through molasses (or syrup i guess) in winter.  You know when you have to tell your self "It's cool, this is the hardest thing you're doing today" after EVERY station, you're probably in trouble :D

        PC Developers...once again, WINDOWED MODE!  DO IT.  Sheesh.

Today's TrainingTune: Blasphemie - Incubite