Monday, October 3, 2011

Double Pushy Push

ME Upper day. I decided to incorporate the same training as my dead lift, for my push press. I gotta say, I didn't think it would go well, but I am happy to report I was wrong. I wound up setting a PR for a double on my push press.

A1. Hip/Shoulders Mobility/Prehab

B1. Push Press

8 x 45#
8 x 95#
3 x 135#
1 x 155#
2 x 185#
2 x 197#
2 x 210#

The 185# felt horrible- didn't use my legs enough to get the initial drive, so the next 2 sets I made sure to drive more and they felt way better. The double at 210# was a PR (1 rep PR is 225#). Huzzah.

C1. 1-Armed Rows

4 x 8 x 110#

After deadlifting and farmer walks on Saturday, I had no grip, so these were challenging. But I did them, Time to go up.

D1. Front Squat Holds

3 x 30s x 225#

Thought about going up on the last one, glad I didn't- I barely made it to 30 seconds. Still, will probably go up next week...

E1. Pushups

4 x 20 x bw  

Pushups are hard. That is all.

Until tomorrow...