Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm currently tracking my workouts on my own site, as well as playing with fitocracy and runkeeper. Instead of spamming everyone here with daily short nonsense, I thought I might start posting a weekly summary that is an aggregation of the week's activities. That will also encourage me to contribute regularly. So here's my first shot at that schedule. The week in review...

OCT 19 2011:MORE BJJ

Today I was working all day. I managed to make the advanced gi BJJ class at night though. There were only 4 of us and Matt Arroyo teaching. Since we were so few, Matt did a QA for the first half hour and we drilled from that. He showed us a nice control using the double-wrist lock grip (or kimura grip). After that we rolled for half an hour. I was the only white belt, but felt pretty good. I was able to work on my control and passing. Got some good tips on head pressure from Troy R(one of our purple belts). Not a bad night. Got caught by Peyton twice in the same ^%&^% triangle. That means that I’m over-reaching. I need to work on that.


Good run tonight. Cool. Ran from gym down Bayshore along the water. 4 miles in 31:22. Getting there slowly. Focused on breathing and moving forward consciously with each stride. Bad cotton mouth. Could have used some water.


Still a bit tender from restarting BJJ this week. After a couple days off, back at it today and added in a quick weight workout. The gym was only open for about 45 minutes, so I took two basic exercises that worked most the big muscle groups and then went for a run with Erica.

  • Squats
    • 135×8
    • 155×8
    • 175×4
    • 175×4
  • Clean and Press
    • 4x(135×4)

Was really feeling some odd torque in my right knee tonight. Didn't want to push it. Ended the workout with a 3 mile run with Erica. Ran with her until the last quarter mile and worked with her on managing her breath and tension while pushing her pace a bit. Goal was 9 minute pace for her. She came in just over that. The last quarter mile I ran harder to make up the slow time and came in at 27:08.


Coach changed things up this week a bit. We’re doing mornings instead of evenings for at least the beginning of the week. This morning we had boxing at 7:00 am. That was followed up by MMA striking at 8:00. In boxing we de-briefed post this weekend’s fights and did bag drills. In MMA, we worked on the flow, low-kick, and shooting drills in continuous flowing fashion. Good morning workout.

Came back at night to run 2.5 miles with team.


Was feeling pretty rough this morning. Had my private lesson at 9. Coach suggested that we do half an hour hard today and the other half later in the week. Worked out well. Felt like I could go hard as I could till my legs started giving out.


This afternoon I did the other half hour of my private with Coach. Worked on my combinations, counter punching, set-ups, etc. Time to start utilizing my range. Afterwards, went for a run with Erica. We were doing 1/4 mile intervals with one minute rests. The goal was to run at a reasonable near target 5k pace. Not bad. Not great, but I already see improvement sent I started training running consciously. The modified Hal Higdon workout and my Garmin ForeRunner 305 have helped a lot. So has logging. I’m logging here now, as well as on RunKeeper and Fitocracy. It’s definitely helping with consistency and performance drive.


I’ve been wanting to start one of those 100 Pushups type routines. I even downloaded an app for my phone, until I realized that all of them are ok and none make me happy. Basically, what I wanted is the algorithm for getting my current max to my target max in X time. That was not forthcoming easily (and may not even exist in some of those apps). So I ran across a guy talking about his method which I liked a lot. I can’t even remember where I found it (or I’d give that fellow deserved credit).

Basically, the approach is, choose your target rep max. Then break that up into a manageable number of reps that you can accomplish per minute for enough minutes to reach that max number. For instance, I want to do 100 push-ups, so I did 10 push-ups per minute for 10 minutes. The blurb I read by this guy simply stated to shorten your rests. I refined that a bit for my algorithm. Sometimes it takes 2 sets in one minute to complete. For instance, on my pull-ups tonight, around set 6 I had to start doing 3 reps, resting for 15-20 seconds, then knock out the other 2. The key was to complete the target number (5 per minute in this case) for the alloted time (10 minutes in this case). What I’m doing is repeating the workout 3 times a week and shortening it by a prescribed number of seconds each week.

So, this the current algorithm:

  1. Choose your exercise
    • I’m doing Pull-Ups, Bodyweight Squats, and Push-Ups
  2. Choose your target max number of reps for this cycle
    • For me, that is:
      • 100 Push-Ups
      • 100 Squats
      • 50 Pull-Ups
  3. Choose a number of reps that you can complete in one minute for as long as it takes to reach the target max number
    • For 100 rep max, that could be 20 per minute for 5 minutes, or 10 per minute for 10 minutes, or 5 per minute for 20 minutes (for instance)
    • I’m starting with:
      • 5 Pull-Ups per minute for 10 minutes
      • 10 Push-Ups per minute for 10 minutes
      • 10 Squats per minute for 10 minutes
  4. Do this routine 3 times for the week
  5. For the next week, subtract 10 seconds and do same routine. So the same number of reps, but per 50 seconds instead of per minute.
  6. Do this each week until you are doing your target max as one continuous set (due to the time mashing the sets together as the rests become shorter)
  7. Set new goals
  8. Repeat

I did my first night tonight. This will be done 3x/week regardless of what else is on the training schedule. I also created a Google Spreadsheet to track the workouts. It is drive by a form that looks like this. I made it public so anyone can copy it to their own Google Docs and use it and edit as needed (if it seems useful to others).