Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flippin' Flippy

ME lower day. I inserted this training in for my deadlift (and may do the same for my push press):

A1. Hip/Shoulders Mobility/Prehab

B1. Deadlift

8 x 45#
2 x 8 x 135#
5 x 225#
1 x 315#
2 x 335#
2 x 360#
2 x 385# 

The 385# was tough but I got both reps. Still, it was harder than I had hoped it would be. Hopefully this new training will bump up my deadlift nicely.

C1. Snatch Grip High Pull

12 x 45#
8 x 85#
5 x 6 x 135#

I tried to get under the bar more during these to get used to the motion for a real snatch. That sounds dirty.

D1. Farmer Walk

4 x 80ft x 160#/hand

These had a turn at 40 feet. The last one was more like 70 feet- my grip gave out.

D2. Tire Flip

4 x 15 x 300# tire

Flippy made an appearance this week! I think we need a bigger tire, though, maybe 500# so I can get heavier work in for these.

Overall, it was a great training session. I may get arrested for murdering my posterior chain. Now to relax on the couch, eat some pulled pork sammiches that Jessica made, and watch the Yankees.