Sunday, October 23, 2011

an approaching age

        So i've been watching Rescue Me for the last couple days and i gotta wonder why i haven't watched this show sooner.  Probably the thing i appreciate most is that the dudes in that show have no problem throwing each other beatings if one of em fucks up.  You know, i'm not going to turn this into another rant about all the things i think would improve the software industry, the west coast, and american society in general, but yeah...

        Joe Rogan said it best in one of his recent interviews, something to the effect of we are conditioned (or we were before we became these soft doughy cow-eyed things we are now) to strike and be struck.  Seriously, what's wrong with a friendly beating every so often when someone's being stupid.  It doesn't have to be a serious wail-on session, but you know, maybe a third to half-speed gutshot or something like that.  Even stay away from the face right, just body shots.  God knows that sorta thing would certainly keep people honest.

        It's funny...i'll add on to that the idea that people need some modicum of physical contact, but everyone assumes that's the affectionate sort, you know hand holding, hugs, blah blah blah.  Whatever, i'll take a good set of body and leg shots over that bullshit anyday.  Why?  Because when someone hits you, they're being honest.  And No, i'm not condoning spouse/child/whatever abuse, jeez, if that's what you think, wipe the fucking politcal correctness off your goddamn smug face, go back, and really read what i just wrote.  Fuck.

        I think i'm starting to reach that tipping point again where, yeah, i appreciate the strength levels (well, not really, i'm still ridiculously weak), but dear christ i'm getting tired of convincing myself that i don't mind that i look like shit.  I need to figure out how i'm going to deal with this though rather than just freaking out and going on another crash liquid diet.  Yeah, they work great, but i need to place this one carefully.  I need to also figure out how to work complexes, kb work, and other higher metabolic intensity work into my schedule.  Not changing my physical appearance is not an option:

  • A1. CG EZ Curl: 4x10 75
  • A2. Hi Hammer: 4x10 20
  • Kneeling NG: 3x30 205
  • B1. Stiff Push: 4x10 150
  • B2. OHX: 4x10 100
  • Kneeling Chindown: 3x30 205

        So, finally started playing Dragon Nest, yeah, it's cool!  I mean it follows the same sort of paradigm as Vindictus, DFO, etc, but i dig it.  The one thing it definitely does that Vindictus does well is janky mouse control.  These games really need to take some lessons from FPSs about mousefeel, because for all intents and purposes, you're still aiming with the mouse, and it needs to be responsive.  I'll probably play some more this weekend, just to see how immersive it is.

        See, this is the sort of thing that makes me think i'll not buy an xbox720/ps4/whatev.  4-600 for the console, 80-100 a pop for games i'm thinking, UNLESS MS and Sony wise up and realize that small, cheaper priced, downloadable experiences can be just as effective as big buck titles.  If i knew i was going to pay 10-20 for a downloadable game that had the production values of today's AAA titles, or even some F2P, yeah, i'd be all over that shit.  But that means Sony and MS would actually have to think forward and evolve a bit.  Har, har, yeah i know i know, that'll never happen.

Today's TrainingTune: Pax Psychosis (Tactical Sekt remix) - Grendel.