Friday, October 7, 2011

go one more time

Evolution/personal growth is a topic that's come up alot recently in alot of conversations i've had with one or two different people, and it's gotten me thinking a bit about how mine is going/has gone.  It's funny, because i haven't actually taken any time to sit and quantify it to myself, well, i think maybe ever?  Or at least not honestly.  I know there's an argument you can make that evolution should just happen and you should just follow or some such, but i dunno, i'm a big believer in directing your own growth and evolution, or at least putting yourself in positions to influence that.  To me, it's just another take on the idea of having and seeing your goal, then getting there.  What you want to be is the ultimate goal (or should be).

Devil May Cry 4 is my favorite of the series, mainly because of how Dante is presented.  It's sad that you don't get to play him that much and that i'm not enough of a gamer to go back through the game and unlock him.  I've alluded to this a bit before, but it seems that by DMC4, he's definitely lightened up a bit and is just enjoying being an ass-kicking half-demon.

The parallel here is what Steve "Crazy Eyes" Pulcinella talks about in this great article from Elitefts:

EliteFTS: Intimidating Iron Looms In Pennsylvania

It's funny, you sort of look back at your younger days and you why was i acting so angry or "hardcore" or whatever?  It just wasn'  So to tie a few concepts from other blog posts together, I train to be awesome, but mainly because being awesome is just FUN!  Seriously, i love being able to go into a capoeira roda and play a good game, REALLY looking forward to getting in some good sparring sessions at Krav Maga, and ultimately, just being able to toss around a good heavy weight on whatever lift is also just fun.  Life is fun, or at least it gets that way.  Maybe that's just part of growing up (and getting old, haha you knew i was gonna say it), maybe we're just angry because when we're younger we have less answers.  Don't get me wrong, god knows i still know dick, but i feel like with enough thought i could actually answer questions.  Not so much in my youth.  Fun is good:

  • A1. CG EZ Curl: 3x8 75/85/85
  • A2. Hi Hammer: 3x8 35
  • Kneeling Chindown: 25/30/30 205
  • B1. Stiff Pushdown: 3x8 150
  • B2. Overhead X: 3x8 110
  • Kneeling Neutral: 30/30/35 205

I'm blocking out some SERIOUS time this weekend to play games.  Rage is calling me solidly, also I miss Space Marine.  What a fun game that's been so far.  More on that this weekend.  Looking forward to taking Saturday OFF too.  No lifting, nothing, hell i may not even eat.

Today's TrainingTune: Infection [X-Fusion Remix] - LSD Project