Monday, October 10, 2011

times it ceases to be

        Reading Cooksey's post from yesterday really got me thinking alot about the concept of intensity, and not in the technical sense as applied to lifting schemes/protocols, but i guess more in terms of focus while you're training?  I think another way of putting it is presence, the idea of "being there" during your workout.  And you know, it's so hard to judge people's intensity just by looking around the gym, but i tried to anyway just for fun.  And by judge, i mean assess, not...well you get where I'm going with that.  Searching for my image, it's funny how things like this become punchlines for internet jokes, but i guess that makes sense because...ok, ok, not going to turn this into a rant against the internet "community" and...yeah.

        I kinda want to take a day to go into the gym at different times and just people watch to gauge intensity, you know, because that wouldn't be creepy.  I tried doing it today during my rest periods (yeah, i do actually take rest periods), but at some point i lose focus and just go back to staring at the bar/dumbbell/whatever tool i'm about to use to hurt myself.  I'm trying to be less judgemental about people in the gym for no good reason, and I'm realizing it's really hard to judge someone's level of intensity because you know, I'm not really in their heads.  For all i know, they're completely focused on what they're doing, whether it looks like a severe case of fuckarounditis or not, and maybe just because it looks like they're wandering aimlessly from station, they may actually have a better plan than I do.  And for all i know, they're checking their workout program on their phone.  Yeah, i'm not sure why i've gotten all politically correct and soft recently either, weird.

        I'm a little worried about being out of the gym for the whole back half of this week.  I probably should have done some homework up front and figured out where the 24 was or something like that.  Hotel gyms are shit, sorry, i'm not going to try and piece together some halfass dumbbell workout, yeah yeah i know, you can do crazy shit with dumbbells, i just don't want to think about it that much.  Another reason I'm taking the months after GDC off from presenting/speaking/whatever, i just want to fucking train and not have to worry about schedule interruptions for a bit.  And yes, yes, i know, life happens whatever, but i can definitely influence it.  Good deadlifts today, altho i think that's probably where everything went:

  • Deadlift: 225/255/285x8
  • Push Press: 5x5 135
  • A1. Good Morning: 5x5 225
  • A2. Chinup: 5x5 12.5
  • B1. GHR: 4x8
  • B2. Seated Row: 4x8 160
  • C1. Uni Shoulder Press: 3x16L/12R 40
  • C2. DB Row: 1x12 75

        Not much gamey stuff to talk about, i haven't really been playing too much crazy shit, definitely didn't do much this weekend.  Lots of C++ writing, but yeah.  I'll get back to gaming after this week I'm sure.

Today's TrainingTune: Torture Device - Dawn of Ashes.