Thursday, October 6, 2011

magic people

You may or may not understand the significance of this image, it's a bit of an inside joke, even though that's a...ferret? weasel? stoat? instead of a cat.  A well, i thought it was appropriate.

Cycle 3 week 1 complete, yeah this is getting into legitimately "heavy" territory, at least for me.  REALLY need to dial in the sleep, going to shave off another half hour this week and see if i can be down by 11.  I have a bit of dilemna in that i don't want to go to bed dehydrated but...yeah...anyway.

As much as i'd like to partake of free-ish alcohol Friday night and party munchies, this will not happen.  I like discipline, it's a good thing, and I'm actually feeling like it's manageable.  I won't like, i'm sorta dreading Turkey-to-Tree this year but I'm realizing it needs to happen, i'm really not losing fat at all.  I'm not gaining any, and i'm getting a ton stronger, but man i still look like shit.  Just going to have to get ok with the fact that leanness takes a tiny bit more effort on my part, but whatever, so it goes:

  • Deadlift: 205/240/270x8
  • A1. Chinup: 5x5 12.5
  • A2. Good Morning: 5x5 225
  • B1. GHR: 4x8
  • B2. Seated Row: 4x8 150
  • C1. Uni Shoulder Press: 3x16L/12R 40
  • C2. DB Row: 3x12 75
  • D1. Incline Bench: 3x12 115
  • D2. CG Bench: 12/11/9 135

Glitch...motherfucking Glitch.  Seriously, wake up, start learning a skill, watch my inbox like an addict to find out when i can start learning another one, repeat.  Ugh.

Today's TrainingTune: Necropolis (PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Remix) - Siva Six