Wednesday, September 21, 2011

under the guise

An odd morning of sorts, but it's funny how little effort a properly designed arm split can be. Admittedly, no really big numbers here either, like nothing extremely taxing, other than the close grip curls, which I sorta feel were only really hard because the technique is new.  I really did like this split overall, I've been looking for a good, fun, arm split i can do once a week just to keep things flowing.  One of the things I liked about the lower weights on some of these too was really being able to hit the range of motion.  Getting a REALLY good stretch at the top of the overhead extensions was a new feeling, which I'll keep.  It really makes you think alot about shoulder and overall joint health.  Something i'll have to keep in mind when designing arm splits going forward.

  • Close Grip EZ Curl: 3x8 75
  • High Hammer Curl: 3x8 30
  • Kneeling Chindown: 3x20 200
  • Stiff Arm Pushdown: 3x8 140
  • Overhead Extension: 3x8 80
  • Kneeling Neutral Grip: 3x25 200

Hard Reset on Easy is just pure brainless fun.  It reminds of how badly we need another Serious Sam game, but one closer to the original.  Don't get me wrong, SS2 was a fun game and did look really good, in fact, even played decently, but I came to miss those wide open arenas of massive gun carnage.  I'm not really sure what the trend towards levels that are incredibly complicated to traverse are nowadays, especially in FPSs.  I always had the thought that a good FPS level is one you could play running backwards.  I say this because this is the sort of thing that usually highlights the discrepancy between combat design and level design.  Your combat is designed such that i have to backpedal to not die, but your level is laid out in such a fashion that I back up into something immediately.  That's not called challenge, it's called bad, unfun design.  Sorta like how WoW likes to use grouping as a crutch and make it ok because you can only get the cool gear by leaning on the crutch and limping through the badly designed content that takes advantage of the fact that you're handicapped...

Today's TrainingTune: Feuer Frei (Reaper Remix) - Nachtmahr