Sunday, September 25, 2011

burned on the ground

Always goes back to the little things, doesn't it?  A trip to your favorite coffee shop after a morning lift, but even that's not safe from change.  Why would you stop serving 20 oz Americanos?  I mean, it's not THAT much more water than a it?  Ahh who knows, the subtle science of resource management constantly eludes me, which is probably why i love RTSs but am really not any good at them.  Anywayz...

The adage about being able to trace pain up or down the chain continues to hold true, i have traced my elbow pain while benching to EXTREMELY tight wrists.  The minor swelling in my left wrist i can probably attribute to some of it as well.  Really hoping its not the onset of tendonitis, though if it is i suppose i can thank god i'm not a drummer anymore.  

Yeah still baffled by how a gym on a college campus doesn't have a decent bench station.  The "bench station" they have is just...not built for benching, and sadly even the squat rack is spaced odd for someone with short hobbit arms like me.  Almost lost the bar unracking for the 195s, that would have been fun.  Probably could have handled it if i had stretched a bit better, as it was, grinding out the 195s was setting my wrists and elbows on fire, had to squeeze the bar pretty hard to stave it off for the set:

  • Bench Press: 155/175/195x9
  • A1. DB Incline: 5x5 65
  • A2. Lat Raise: 5x5 35
  • B1. DB Neutral Decline: 4x10 65
  • B2. Kneeling TC: 4x30 200
  • C1. Cable Curl: 4x10 140
  • C2. Rope Extension: 4x10 150

Spent some serious time with Horde mode in Gears 3...Holy God that shit's fun.  That may seriously be my new brainless timekiller game of the year.  I didn't realize there was actually some serious depth and progression to the fortification element, i just thought it was this cool twist on the norm.  Man, Firefight 3.0 better come with it, glove has seriously been tossed.  Kinda anxious to dive into Campaign too, you know, i gotta say, i've always been a fan of 3rd-person shooters in general, even moreso than FPSs, and Gears is really the pinnacle...well, if you don't count Earth Defense Force.  Altho...vertical split screen?  Let's see some proper horizontal split screen for EDF 3, eh?

Today's TrainingTune: Accelerant - Die Sektor.