Tuesday, June 28, 2011

matter of time

Last week of the first of three sprints. Going to bump my calories up to 1200 for this week and try to get my fasted cardio in before work, which is def feelin good. Upping the reps by 50 percent as well, I've definitely had really good success in the past on fat loss hitting 8 rep sets on the big lifts. Am definitely going to have to drop my numbers, as you can see here, but i think the overall effect is definitely worth it. Trying to ramp the overall effort level too as i'm going to be upping my calories to 1600 for july and adding some post-workout carbs in. Hopefully time to start recovering a little strength and still lose some fat:

  • Squat: 5x8 205
  • Uni KB Overhead: 4x12 16kg
  • Bent Lateral: 5x8 40
  • DB Floor Press: 4x12 50
  • Lat Raise: 4x12 20

Yeah, still getting visibly smaller, but man, it's always that tire that's the last to go. Gotta stay on it this time, must get lean...must get lean. I think i'm easily bordering on eating disorder now, as i'm chewing food and spitting it out...that's just weird, maybe it's something in the SoCal air, i'm acting like an LA chick trying to get a Hollywood gig...