Saturday, June 4, 2011

Strongman... Saturday?

Today was supposed to ME Upper day (ie, bench day), but man I was just not feeling like benching. So Jess suggested I push press for ME instead... add that to the farmer walks later, and ME Upper day became Strongman training day.

A1. Hip/Shoulder Prehab/Mobility

B1. OH Push Press

8 x 45#
2 x 5 x 95#
3 x 135#
2 x 155#
1 x 185#
1 x 225# didn't quite hold it long enough so I did it again...
0 x 225# got about 3/4 up and couldnt lock out- video shows not enough leg drive
1 x 225# finally got it

On the last rep, I tweaked my pec/shoulder right before racking it so had to ditch the bar. I need to figure out what that tweak is...

C1. 1-Armed Rows

4 x 6 x 110#

D1. AbTrunkCore Twists

3 x 8 x 70#

Yes, I am sticking with that name for them.

E1. Farmer Walks

140 feet x 150# per hand
2 x 80 feet x 150# per hand

The first 140 feet was brutal- I almost stopped after that one, but decided to just cut the distance to do a couple more. These felt pretty good, though I need to work on my turns- 1/3 of my time was spent with that. I'm sure being on a hill didn't help, but still...

Overall a fun session. It was entertaining as always to watch the people walking or driving by staring at me with their mouths agape. I often wonder what they are thinking...