Saturday, June 18, 2011


Feeling strangely fine today. I'm not sure i slept better last night, but then i must have. Or maybe i just don't respond to weekdays well? That's also possible. Whatever. still slight residual anger, but at this pace i'm going to be scrubbed clean by my next rest day, which the way i'm feeling now probably won't be Saturday. No, it's not hardcore, i'm just annoyed and I need to stack cumulatives (isn't that redundantly redundant)?:

  • A1. EZ Curl: 5x5 85 -> 95
  • A2. Push Down: 180 -> 190
  • B1. TRX Curl: 4x8 -> 4x12
  • B2. TRX Overhead: 4x8 -> 4x12
  • C1. Bent DB Curl: 4x8 35
  • C2. OHX: 4x8 120
  • D1. Bent Hammer Curl: 4x8 35 -> 40
  • D2. EZ French: 4x8 55 -> 65
  • E1.Cable Curl: 4x8 110 -> 120
  • E2. Stiff Arm Pushdown: 4x8 130

Sweet jeebus, i wish my squats and deads were going up and feeling as good as my upper body shit is. I'm still worked from yesterdays squats and that was nowhere near heavy. Gah. Cutting sucks, but if it means i can start doing martial arts again, worth it. Worth it for sure.