Monday, June 20, 2011

safe from isolation

Hmm not bad off the bench but not going to be impressing ANYONE with those static hold numbers, hehe. Ah well, it's a good exercise and I'm glad for the suggestion. I can definitely see how it's going to good things for my grip. Working out without the hoodie is definitely not recommended, i like the heat and sweat and panting. 4 more days and a cleanse. And i'm unloading a moving container saturday, so i'll get some exercise whether i like it or not...

  • Bench Press: 5x5 185
  • TRX Chest Press: 4x15
  • TRX High Row: 4x15
  • DB Incline: 4x8 55
  • 2Pt DB Row: 4x5 80 -> 85
  • Decline DB Press: 4x8 45 -> 50
  • TBar Row: 4x8 115 -> 120
  • Trap Bar Hold: 4x25s 135

Found the upper bound on the bench for now. Man I'm looking forward to being in my actual apartment. 1.5 mile walk to work, 3 mile round trip? Nice. Strap on the weights and walk it. Life is good. Good.