Thursday, June 16, 2011

your fragile heart feeds my contempt

3 more days till a rest day and i'm feeling strangely fine. I think now my lack of energy comes less from lack of food and more from lack of sleep. I've reached the point where thinking about food makes me sick, not because I miss it, but because it makes me think about chewing, which by now just seems like so much effort to put forth for sustenance. I was going to refeed in two weeks, but i think instead i'll do a cleanse for three days and push the refeed out 6 weeks instead of 4. I think i can do it, it's funny, it's not really even about discipline anymore, it's just...the way things are. Well, not really the way things are, just more that i realize i get more out of...other things vs eating. And eating too much ensures i can't do those other things soooooo:

  • Overhead Press: 4x5/1x8 115/115/115/115/95
  • High Pull: 5x3 105
  • Bent Over Row: 4x8 155
  • A1. Lat Pulldown: 4x8 120
  • A2. Neutral Grip Pulldown: 4x8 90
  • A3. Kneeling Neutral Pulldown w/Hold: 4x8 190
  • Front Raise: 4x8 25
  • 2 Pt Dumbbell Row: 80 2x8

By the time i got past the second set of DB Rows, it was a no question i was done sorta thing. I couldn't even grip the dumbbell for a 3rd set and almost passed out on my way out of the gym. Again, i think it's just the not having slept, if I had slept last night i could have made it. I'm tempted to toss in some more DB Rows and maybe some kettlebells if they have them at MF.

I need to add WAY MORE Kamelot and Blind Guardian to my playlists. Such amazing gym amazing.