Thursday, July 21, 2011

don't mind if your soul shatters

Clearly i didn't sleep as much as i thought i did last night, which is funny because i even remember thinking to myself after i got home, gee, it's almost 12:30, i should go to bed. Ah will be consumed today, so i'm not horribly worried about energy levels. Quite excited for this week, i think i'm going to lock in my weekend sleep. Also going to start some changes a week early, so this is the last week of super high volume, which i'm actually happy about:

  • A1. EZ Curl: 5x8 85
  • A2. EZ French: 5x8 45
  • B1. Bent DB: 4x12 30
  • B2. OHX: 4x12 110
  • C1. Bent Hammer: 4x12 35
  • C2. Pushdown: 4x12 130
  • D1. Cable Curl: 4x12 120
  • D2. Stiff Pushdown: 4x12 120
  • E1. TRX Mid Curl: 4x15
  • E2: TRX Overhead: 4x15

Dropped the weight on the Frenches to focus a bit on technique. Lately my elbows have been flaring out WAY too much, so i wanna lock that in. It's really highlighting my lack of mobility in my upper body, which i need to address next month if i'm going to start martial arts again. But i have plans for that...Workout track of the morning: Vertex - Negative Format: