Sunday, July 10, 2011

sundays at the marina

You know it's weird, I've been reading for years about manipulating metabolism through feast and fast cycles and how carbs can fill out your muscles and all sorts of things like that, but today was the first time i think i've actually seen it in practice. Definitely time to start paying more attention to that sort of thing, though honestly I have a pretty good idea what foods work for me, and it's actually a pretty good balance of clean and not so clean, so, skippy. The hard part now is going to be not becoming a Venice Beach cliche...haha i kid, i kid:

  • Bench: 5x8 165
  • Incline DB: 4x12 45
  • Face Pull: 4x12 LAF 57.5
  • Decline DB: 4x12 45
  • 2Pt DB Row: 4x12 75
  • Seated Row: 4x12 LAF 57.5

All the clean shiny equipment in the world can't disguise i nice rusty beatup gym underneath it's only LA Fitness in name. No workout track today.