Thursday, July 14, 2011

welcome to the nation

Quick lunch workout to setup for missing Monday's session:

  • A1. EZ Curl: 5x8 75->85
  • A2. EZ French: 5x8 65
  • B1. Bent DB Curl: 4x12 30
  • B2. Pushdown: 4x12 130
  • C1. Bent Hammer: 4x12 35
  • C2. OHX: 4x12 110
  • D1. Cable Curl: 4x12 120
  • D2. Stiffarm Pushdown: 4x12 120
  • E1. TRX Curl: 4x15
  • E2. TRX Overhead: 4x15

Trying an experiment today, i may make thursday a two-a-day with food to setup for the friday-saturday fast. We'll see how this goes. Workout track of the PM: Valid World - Edge Of Dawn. Check out the Acretongue remix if you can find it, it's wicked.