Sunday, July 24, 2011

this ten ton brick

I'm really enjoying these sunday morning chats of ours...

  • Deadlift: 4x12 95
  • DB Shoulder Press: 4x12 22.5
  • Cable Mid Row: 4x12 45
  • DB Neutral Bench: 4x12 25
  • Kneeling Widegrip Pulldown: 4x12 75
  • Standing Palloff Press: 4x12 30

  • Deadlift: 6x4 255->275
  • DB Shoulder Press: 5x6 50
  • Cable Mid Row: 5x6 LaF60
  • DB Neutral Bench: 5x6 70
  • Kneeling Widegrip Pulldown: 5x6 LaF135
  • Standing Palloff Press: 5x6 LaF50

...and now we start two-a-days and the treacherous practice of micromanaging calories upwards to put on strength and mass while minimizing fat gain. Worth it? I'll know in about 5 weeks i guess...