Tuesday, July 26, 2011

open your eyes accept the mission

Alright so sleep did affect the benching a little bit. Not to say i didn't get through my set, but it was definitely harder than i expected it to be. Which is weird because everything else went fairly well. Oh except for Bulgarians. I forgot how freakin hard Bulgarians were:

  • Bench Press: 6x4 185
  • DB Decline: 5x6 55
  • Seated Row: 5x6 150
  • DB Back Raise: 5x6 35
  • Bulgarian: 5x6 35
  • Clean: 5x5 135

Why do i keep seeing new hot chicks at the gym every week? And seriously, why is the gym such a horrible place to pick up chicks? It's the only place i go that has women...sheesh. Workout track of the evening: Little Stranger - Access Zero.