Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Always good after a few days off to get back in, grippit-n-rippit. Had a slow start this week for some reason, i think i'm gettin a little more stressed about the goings on at my apartment right now, but i think i just need to relax. Getting to the point where I'm starting to sorta feel the lack of socialness weighing on me a bit, and goddamn i'd love a beer, but no...must stay strong. I'm feelin like the overall routine's workin though so...game on:

  • Deadlift: 5x8 225
  • DB Shoulder Press: 4x12 40
  • Palloff: 4x12 80
  • DB Neutral Bench: 4x12 50
  • TBar Row: 4x12 105
  • TRX Back Row: 4x15
  • TRX Chest Row: 4x12

Still debating how much longer i want to stay on the cut. I'm really thinking as much as i have to still drop i can go the full 16 weeks (11 more weeks) if i'm good about refeeds. Calories are still something I'm not 100% but 1200 seems to be a nice sweet spot. Actually it's probably closer 1300 but it's worth it. Getting the requisite protein cals and about 500 extra of recovery nutrients, that's good. Workout track of the evening: Stand Up (for Uberbyte) - Uberbyte.