Friday, July 29, 2011

feed the robot

Man ok so hanging leg raises, awesome. Pure awesome. I think it may be time to start doing pullups, chinups, and dips VERY soon. Overall decent end to week one, altho i feel like i need a little more volume on the arm days if i want to grow significantly over the next four weeks. I know i can, i've been able to put mass on in as little as 2 weeks, done properly. I feel like i was dangerously close to the proverbial sacrificing volume for intensity, but nah i think i pulled it out. Now to eat copious amounts of food tonight and rest for a day. Suck up those nutrients and calories, body:

  • Overhead Press: 6x4 115
  • DB Neutral Bench: 5x6 60
  • Kneeling Wide Grip: 5x6 200
  • Hanging Leg Raise: 5x6
  • BB Split Squat: 5x6 45
  • High Pull: 5x5 125

I feel...good. Workout track of the evening: The Devil Worships Me (Psylpsyb Remix) - ESA.