Sunday, July 3, 2011

we are only alive

Another kind of nothing special workout just something fun to keep everything moving. Not much to say this morning, i'm just kinda floating right now. Not to say this was an easy workout, it definitely hit me solidly enough. Looking forward to being able to do these splits with some real weight, the 5x5 uni-lateral overhead felt awesome. I can definitely see the advantage of supersetting all this too, doing this linear took about an hour, of course i spent a lot of time warming up.

  • Dragon Punch: 5x5 45 -> 50
  • Strict DB Snatch: 5x5 45 -> 50
  • EZ Curl: 5x5 85
  • EZ French: 5x5 75
  • Lat Raise: 4x8 25
  • Fr Raise: 4x8 30
  • A1. Cable Curl: 4x8 130
  • A2. Stiff Pushdown: 4x8 130

Deadlift should be fun tonight...wonder what the new gym looks like.