Sunday, July 31, 2011

watch them drown

I think eating food is working, even on no sleep my numbers went up today. The overheads and high pulls even felt light, which is a good sign. I'm visibly bigger too, but still staying lean, which means alot of things are working. Haha, "lean", i'm probably still over 20, but at this point my shoulders and upper back are way wider than my waist, so i'm happy about that. The more i do bodyweight stuff, the more i realize i need to do more bodyweight stuff just because that shit is FUN:

  • Overhead Press: 6x4 125
  • DB Neutral Bench: 5x6 70
  • Kneeling Wide Grip: 5x6 LaF 72.5
  • Hanging Leg Raise w/Hold: 5x6
  • BB Split Squat: 5x6 65
  • High Pull: 5x5 135

I think i'm going to just stay in and veg today, at least until i go workout again tonight. Fuck yeah. Workout track of the morning: Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way - Spectre General. Oh yeah, i went there.